Three-dimensional vision board: enhance your wishes in 3D


The visual board is a great way to assist your goals with pictures, words and symbols. These pictures, words and symbols can stimulate your mental energy to manifest, from the body to the non-body. The color of the board is also important. Many vision boards were created on the white paper. I found that Catherine Ponder’s work includes color meanings that give power to images.


·Gold and/or green are used in finance.

·Yellow represents spirit.

·White is easy to understand.

·Blue represents intellectual achievement.

·Orange and/or bright yellow are good for health.

·Pink, rose and/or bright red represent love.

When the color energy of the wood board is meaningful, as long as you see the color, it will stimulate your memory of the target represented in the selected image.

You can enhance the power of intent by using the energy system, which was created to balance life so that they can project these images like a movie projector, so that the “look” is magnified when you move, work and live at home .

Feng Shui is an art of display, which assigns purposes to different areas of the space related to the entrance. You can conveniently place the images on the vision board in your work, writing, etc., and then multiply them with other similar images placed in the corresponding energy area around the house. You can place Bagua on the floor plan of the house or apply it to every living space in the house.

The colors used in Feng Shui do not necessarily match the colors suggested by the visual board. Mix them so that it contains two energetic intentions.

·Knowledge/Meditation/Mountain Blue

·Family/Ancestors/Thunder Green

·Wealth/Wind Purple

·Fame/Fire Red



· Helpful people/heaven-gray


Include what makes you different. These elements do not have to be Chinese.If you are a

In the United States, US coins are used. If you like a fragrance that reminds you of the fragrance you want to achieve, use it. If the sound of water stimulates the fond memories you want to achieve, add one or two fountains.

In my article Feng Shui I gave an example of the intention to find a soul mate by placing similar images in the paradise area of ​​all the rooms in the family. Place similar images on the vision board. If the color is exposed, you can also use the color in the area, so you are the only color that knows its purpose. The more you remember colors and associations, when you see intent in your field of vision, the intent will be inspired. It will reach a place where a word or phrase is irrelevant, but the sensation of thought will not only overwhelm you, but will also completely immerse you through the senses.

This behavior will continue to happen outside your home. You receive millions of media bits every day. The mesh activation system, or RAS, only allows a small fraction of the millions of bits surrounding you every day of sensory data. All of this depends on the subconscious mind. The experience recorded early in life will determine the effectiveness of your conscious programming. RAS filters through the content programmed on your subconscious tape. If you think you are not worth creating wealth, all the images and colors used to trigger the manifestation may be invalid. Your subconscious mind always says “yes” to your beliefs. In this work, please check what beliefs you have that can support or resist your efforts. The following methods have been used to change the subconscious mind:


·Theta repair

·Emotional Freedom Skills (EFT)

· Meditation

·Psychological K

·Guide visualization


·Accurate confirmation

·Brain State Technology (BST), and

·Neural Language Programming (NLP).

Now you are walking; cleaning; dancing; eating; speaking; reading; writing; sitting quietly, or entertaining in the three-dimensional space designated by visual, auditory, and aromatic cues.

Your programming will not be limited to the time of viewing the vision board. In a 24-hour period, your programming will be enhanced physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually more frequently.