How to make my overall business salary?


There are too many holistic practitioners doing excellent work but still struggling to lead a decent life. In this article, I want to help correct this balance.

At present, the world needs skilled people more than ever. They need exquisite gifts that can help us heal and release all the luggage that no longer serves us. Sadly, the mainstream business has not been established to support such a beautiful soul.

First of all, let’s be blunt, there are many people looking for help and assistance from you.

For a long time, for the vast majority of people engaged in “industry” activities, the overall world of coaching, treatment, rehabilitation and spiritual work has been a “cottage industry” type of affairs. When operating in this way, it is difficult to establish contact with the right type of people who need your service urgently enough. Therefore, many practitioners engaged in this work can only jump out from the bottom. There are too few customers and economic returns. Also very few.

How do I know you might ask?

Quite simply, the hypnotherapist, Theta Healer, and the coach have been one of me for a long time. Although he is good at what I do, he has achieved fruitful results and is loved by the few clients I have. But they hardly make them work in anyone.

The trouble is that something is missing, I don’t know what it is. I tried various things, most of them cost me money, sometimes a lot of money (advertising), but I still didn’t find it. Do you recognize any of them?

I love what I do (helping people), which is why I started working in this work after about 20 years in an emergency service environment. But when you run your own business, eagerness to help others and being good at doing your own thing is not enough to make them pay the price.

A few years later, I was very frustrated. I started to participate in web conferences, hoping to attract more customers, even corporate customers, and develop my business. The boy shocked me! Although these events are civilized and people are pleasant, I just don’t adapt to this traditional business world. In indifference and misunderstanding, all attempts have failed. In such incidents, you don’t have time to educate other people who are not on the same page as you how to do and how to do it.

Feeling uncomfortable and clumsy, like fishing a fish out of the water, energy is different from the energy in the “whole industry”, and people seem to have paid more than they have paid.

This is contrary to my old habit of giving lectures freely among therapists, therapists and coaches, or holding trade meetings just to help a practitioner.

This made me think. On the one hand, you will often have people who follow strict business practices and get results, but this way is completely inconsistent with everything I believe in spiritually and spiritually. On the other hand, you have surprisingly kind and talented people who effectively dedicate themselves and earn money. Of course, there must be a balance point in the middle. In this middle, the overall practitioner can have an effective business model, make money and still feel good about all of this.

I knew right away that this was what I was looking for, a way to make it pay but still maintain my values ​​and integrity.

I have spent a lot of time in the overall/spiritual/coaching circle and I know I need to understand how “real” companies operate with high profits, what strategies they use and what systems they have built.

For this reason, I have participated in many business growth seminars, planning team and board strategy meetings. It still feels like a fish, but now I am armed with my pencil and mat to find the missing content.

I found it was okay! After holding a board strategy meeting and talking to some high-flying people, I felt like I was lying and I was kicked all day. They broke down my business almost systematically and showed me without hesitation that I actually have no business at all, and I have a very keen interest in business.

It used to be a shock and a huge hollow, but I rushed to catch up and vowed to use the valuable insights I gained to develop my business into a real business, which brought me great returns, yes. In this era full of economic challenges, maintain my values ​​and integrity.

Fast forward again, I now have an overall coaching/speaking business that I like, which can provide me with multiple sources of income, many of which I don’t even need to get paid there, and many of them are self-driving. Believe me, it is possible, but it will not happen by accident. You need to make changes. In the rest of this article, I will provide you with guidance. There is not enough space to provide detailed information. If you want more details, please click at the bottom of this article the link to.

  1. The first thing to realize is that the overall business token has two aspects, namely the skills and attributes you bring to the business, and then the business structure, strategy and system itself. (To be successful, you need to do both).
  2. Assuming you are good at doing things and people get value out of it, then turning it into a high-paying business is to follow some simple, tried-and-tested strategies (work in helping the industry and feel good strategies).
  3. Sit down and write a strategy for finding potential customers and establishing contact with them. This is a potential customer generation strategy.
  4. Consider how people perceive you in your field, or know you even outside of the products you offer?
  5. Do the same for how to convert them into actual customers (conversion strategy).
  6. Consider the products or services you provide, this is your value-added proposition strategy
  7. Consider your customer retention strategy, how often do they buy from you?
  8. Consider how to manage a customer database (hope you have one) customer relationship strategy CRM.
  9. How do you make money in your business? Do you just sell skills by the hour, or do you get multiple sources of income through your business that allows you to make money even when you are not at home or even sleeping?
  10. Do you have an automatic referral system that can generate customers for you like a clockwork?

By taking the time to carefully consider these ten points and then comparing them with what you are currently doing, I believe you will be able to start making a huge shift in your bottom line of business.

These are the factors that I am encouraged to really consider, and when I do things, things start to change.

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I wish you all the best, and remember that the world needs your unique skills and abilities to let them see that you are your job!