Bandigal’s Coach Mill


It was a hot May summer. This season is famous for its juicy mangoes and sultry weather. Another reason is that the famous -14 to 16-year-old children are missing from the open space/amusement park.

Dahiya, a local Indian writer, is enjoying her lunch break. Apart from helping to circulate hot air, the fan does not dissipate due to heat. Starting from the background, the intermittent way is similar to the sounding AK-47, which emits “sine wave theta”, “cos theta”, “tan theta” and their variants.

Little Ramu, not much now, a 16-year-old guy sitting on the floor, preparing for the many exams at the Indian Institute of Medicine and Engineering.

The entire family, including father, mother and company, relocated their luggage and luggage to the coaching academy in Bandigal to take advantage of the country’s “best coach” facility. This will help Lamu obtain a “seat of merit”, a “safe” and “stable life”.

Ram’s father suddenly sat up from his now restless sleep. “Ram! I spanked you. I can’t hear your’thetas’ too loud. Don’t you want to pass the exam? In my field, it is SEO writing. They talk about’keyword density’. This is the number” The number of times a word appears in my text by search engines. I’ll create a term for you “learning density/θ density”, which means your “sine theta” and “when I study aloud in an hour’s nap , Cos thetas will appear. If it seems insufficient, your efforts will be rejected; that is, you will not be selected by the university. But before that, another search engine, this is my hand, it will make a huge roar on the rosy cheeks. Then, your cheeks will turn into red musk apples.

“But Dad,” Ramu replied, “This engineering and medical stuff disinterests me. I want to be an actor.” “What kind of person do you want to be!” Popa said, “What will people do? Say? They will look down on me with disdain.”

“But Dad, I want to be famous, you know… Batu Khan! I want the world to kiss the floor I walked on to commemorate the space I occupies,…sigh when I give them a gift. Longing look. “

“Of course” answered Dad, “Now, you will rub your nose on the page in front of you, romanticize the formula in front of you, and sigh happily after finishing this chapter-do you get it? Your’theta density’ should be like this It was so dense and shocking that it woke up a gorilla from its deep sleep. You know Ramu, if you enter one of the universities, you will “settled” and “become stable”. “

“Ah!” Ramu said, “You mean dad, you perch on a sticky chair from 9 to 5 every day until a pothole is created, or until the retirement age, whichever is earlier. Then you can do it yourself Produce more and live in peace, return to Bandigal’s coaching ground like a pigeon with offspring, right? I understand now, but I don’t understand the “stability” part, which means that everything else has not entered into myself People at the chosen university are “unstable”; in other words, do they need to go to a psychiatric institute for treatment?”

Dad said: “Stop now! Stop arguing with me, continue to deal with the things that my family has passed on from generation to generation, and then beat me!”

Ram then continued to “continue”…”sine theta”, “cos theta”, “tan theta”…until the cow came home, and his image refueled the engine of the “Bandigaal Coach Factory”.