Powell Gardens weddings. Here are six tips to help you plan an amazing wedding in this beautiful place


As a wedding photographer for Kansas City, I have photographed several weddings at Powell Gardens, located at 1609 N.W. 50th U.S. Highway in Kingsville, M.We love this place. It is a romantic and beautiful place for a wedding. But what makes it unique is that it can create a number of unique challenges for the bride and groom, their wedding party and guests. Here are some tips to make the most of your wedding day experience.

  1. Be on time – the location is the botanical gardens, which cover more than 900 acres. The place is very popular. The wedding dressing room is a good distance from the chapel and reception areas. This can present logistical challenges that the wedding would not have felt elsewhere, so taking 20 minutes late for the dressing room can add a ton of stress to your wedding day and really tighten your schedule.
  2. Have a comfortable pair of shoes to walk in – as we said, this place is great. The whole site is loaded with a huge amount of images, but it takes time to get to different beautiful places. Let’s face it – most wedding shoes are made in style, not comfort. Bring extra pairs of slippers or shoes that you can easily slide to grab pictures: from the throat to the trolley: to the parking lot. Great pictures are everywhere in Powell Gardens, but to get there, everyone needs to walk.
  3. Chapel time is limited – The Marjorie Powell Allen Memorial is a kind of wedding venue in Kansas City. Because the chapel is used for many events during the day and it is assumed that it will be possible for visitors, if possible, the gardens have a strict policy for the time of booking for the chapel. This means that your two-hour block is just that. Two hours:
  4. Consider the second photographer. If you have a big wedding party or are planning a fall or winter wedding at Powell Gardens, these can be a challenge for a photography plan that depends on a single photographer. In autumn and winter, the light can be dimmed, which will make your outdoor photography time more limited. These factors are combined with the prevailing nature of the space, and the chapel’s time constraints can make a team of two photographers a smart choice to make your photography more effective.
  5. Develop a list of important items in Kingsville, Mo. մոտ About a 25-minute drive from City of Kansas City, the gardens are quite far away. So forgetting about your fur can be a serious challenge as you return to a hotel, home, or retail store to replace a lost item. Develop a list of basic items ahead of time for your big day. Keep these items in a basket bag in a car that you know will be transported by Powell Barder. Check the list three times before leaving.
  6. Keep the guest list under review. For a cozy ceremony in the chapel of Powell Gardens, you need to keep your guest list below 100. As beautiful as it is, the chapel was not intended for a wedding chapel, but rather a sanctuary. The area is in a premium.

Remember these tips and you will have a wonderful and happy experience at this wonderful Kansas City wedding venue. Check out our wedding photography gallery at Powell Gardens.